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2023 Autumn Agenda

Broadcaster, Business Editor, Newstalk

As the ferocious summer of 2023 has vividly illustrated, the climate and biodiversity emergency is now fast approaching critical tipping points. The key target of keeping global average temperature rise from breaching the 1.5C “red line” is now in jeopardy. What political decisions do we need now to ensure meeting today’s needs does not compromise the interests of all future generations?

Climate Change Journalist & Commentator

Preparing for the future of mandatory ESG disclosures

  • Breaking down the CSRD and the road to compliance
  • What and who will the CSRD impact? What to focus on in 2024
  • What is the difference between the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy?

Companies that are starting their sustainability reporting journey are confronted with many new terms and may face initial confusion about the differences between the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive” or “CSRD”, “Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation” or “SFDR” and the “EU Taxonomy”

Partner, EY

Sustainability strategy development and reporting can seem a daunting challenge heaped upon an already full workload. Where to start? What are the fundamental practicalities and principles to keep in mind? And how can you use the imperative for sustainability as the key constraint that drives your future performance?

Head of Sustainability Services, Antaris Consulting

Learn how to approach double materiality in practice:

  • What exactly does it mean?
  • How is it integrated in the CSRD?
  • What are investors looking for?
  • How companies should approach it in their sustainability reporting
Professional Accountancy Lead, Chartered Accountants Ireland
Technical Manager, Advocacy & Voice Dept, Chartered Accountants Ireland

The European Commission is getting more serious about sustainability and joining the list of different sustainability directives, the CSDD will require companies operating both inside and outside of the European Union to demonstrate their responsibility and efforts to protect the environment, society and their suppliers.

  • What is the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive?
  • How is it different from other sustainability reporting directives within the EU?
  • How can the CSDD help to promote sustainability across the globe?
BWR Mark (Business Working Responsibly) Manager, Business in the Community

In this presentation, Enda will explore the changes in the energy sector as the focus on sustainability has grown in recent years and will give some insights into how some of Ireland’s corporates and SMEs are creating their sustainable future through better energy strategies and reporting.

CEO, Pinergy

STREAM 1: ESG data challenges

STREAM 2: Setting up an effective sustainability reporting programme

STREAM 3: The path to sustainability for SMEs


STREAM 1: ESG data challenges


STREAM 1: ESG data challenges

Companies and asset managers discuss the most challenging issues:

  • Impact of ESG data challenges on the EU’s SFDR, CSRD and other regulations
  • Progress towards standardisation of data, methodologies and metrics among rating agencies and data providers
  • Finding accurate data for the “s” and “g” of ESG, including diversity, culture, purpose and governance/ How to make ‘S’ an area for real impact, with creative data collection and aggregation methods, metrics, and frameworks that ensure social factors are materially known and managed.
  • What are the data barriers to the growth of sustainable investing? Does ESG data help to deliver superior stock picking performance?
  • Data for nature impacts and biodiversity
CEO and founder, Scott Cawley
Brian Kennedy CFA, Senior Global Equity Portfolio Manager, Mediolanum International Funds Ltd(MIFL)
Partner, EY

STREAM 1: ESG data challenges

  • Having accurate and specific data about your Scope 3 emissions is the first step in moving towards meaningful carbon reduction targets. Learn how you can leverage new technologies and ways of working with your supply chain to ensure you’re getting high-quality Scope 3 data that’s accurate and stands up to scrutiny
  • Issues surrounding circular supply chain management: Hear insights and learnings from active work in this area to give you ideas and inspiration for embedding circular approaches in your supply chains.
Head of Sustainability Services, Antaris Consulting
Group Head of Innovation & Sustainability, Kilsaran Group
Managed Services Country Lead, HP Ireland
Sustainability Manager, HealthBeacon, Chair of Friends of the Earth Ireland, VP at Alliance to Zero, Chair of HTI Sustainability Working Group

STREAM 2: Setting up an effective sustainability reporting programme

Broadcaster, Business Editor, Newstalk

STREAM 2: Setting up an effective sustainability reporting programme

Discover new systems and processes to help provide data that auditors can trust

Co-Founder and Director, SustainIQ

STREAM 2: Setting up an effective sustainability reporting programme


STREAM 2: Setting up an effective sustainability reporting programme

Plus, as the requirement for auditable, climate-related financial disclosures gathers pace, how are finance and sustainability teams working together?

Head of Sustainability & Climate Action, University College Cork
Partner, EY
Managing Director, Blue Planet Consulting
Chief Transformation Officer, An Post

STREAM 3: The path to sustainability for SMEs

Sustainability Consultant, Earthology

STREAM 3: The path to sustainability for SMEs

A discussion between a large company and their challenges on supply chain climate action and sustainability and an SME company

CEO, Watershed Group
Group Head of Sustainability, Mannok
Climate Action Solutions Lead, Climeaction

STREAM 3: The path to sustainability for SMEs

SMEs are facing strong expectations to make their business models more sustainable. EU and national legislation, such as on sustainability reporting and due diligence, will impact SMEs both directly and indirectly through ‘trickle-down’ demands from larger businesses, banks and the public sector. In parallel, consumers, investors and new generations expect businesses of all sizes to align with society’s sustainability ambitions. In this discussion we’ll explore:

  • Starting your sustainability journey
  • Developing a sustainability strategy
  • Financing sustainable business transformation
  • Climate and the environment, waste and the circular economy, social sustainability including the important role of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for SMEs
  • Communication and reporting
Head of Sustainability, Renewable Energy & Agtech, Enterprise Ireland
Banking and Finance Partner, Eversheds Sutherland LLP (Ireland)
Director, Bell Lane Coffee Ltd
Head of Energy Services, Pinergy
Broadcaster, Business Editor, Newstalk

Our conference stream moderators share their feedback…

CEO, Clearstream Solutions
Managing Director, Blue Planet Consulting
Sustainability Consultant, Earthology

Discover how B Corps companies verified for their exceptional social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, are shaping the future of business. Join James and Louise as they take you on a journey to explore:

  • What a B Corp is and the growing movement
  • The compelling business reasons for becoming a B Corp
  • The steps to certify your business
  • Leveraging state funding to support your B Corp certification journey

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the value and impact of B Corp certification for your business.

Director, B Lab Ireland
CSR Strategist, Strong Roots
Marketing Director, Urban Volt
  • How do companies “humanise” their discussion of environmental issues?
  • How are companies soliciting input from stakeholders on the environmental sustainability transition?
  • How can companies improve how they communicate their efforts and progress with stakeholders?
  • The evolving landscape of shareholder voting: Are corporate boards responding to successful ESG proposals from shareholders? Majority-supported shareholder 
  • proposals are rare, but as they start to grow, company responsiveness to their shareholders is being put to the test.
Client Director, Havas Genus
Head of Sustainability, Glenveagh Properties PLC
Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, ISS World Services
Chief Risk Officer, Liberty Insurance

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