ESG-23-SMALL (1)
30th May 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Paul Murphy

Climate Action Solutions Lead, Climeaction

Paul is a seasoned energy and process engineer with a passion for supporting businesses in their journey towards decarbonization. With a wealth of experience in industrial energy efficiency and the decarbonization of manufacturing organizations, Paul has worked as a key adviser for some of the world’s largest companies across 5 continents in the food & dairy, beverages, manufacturing, and life sciences sectors.

In 2021 Paul joined Leading Edge to establish Climeaction, a pioneering company that offers comprehensive decarbonization solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a non-executive director of Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI), Paul is committed to driving the transition to a low-carbon economy and facilitating the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Paul’s expertise and dedication have enabled him to lead a team that has worked with over 350 companies since they started business on climate action. Their mission is to enable true decarbonization of business and this requires solutions at all levels of the supply chain and across all business functions. When they say “Climate Action Solutions for All,” they mean it. Paul and his team work with companies of all scales, providing the same level of service and expertise regardless of size. With Climeaction, Paul is making a significant contribution to the global effort to combat climate change by helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve ESG excellence.

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