ESG Autumn Summit (1) 1

STREAM 3: How to create an ESG-friendly business


Welcome from the Chair

Independent Non-Executive Director, Investment & ESG Consultant

Empowering Irish enterprises for a more sustainable future

Senior Executive, the Sustainability and Renewable Energy team, Enterprise Ireland
Country Manager for Ireland, the UN Global Compact

Upskilling opportunities for companies to support the transition to a greener economy

Hear about the new flexible, user-friendly micro qualifications recently launched by Educational Training Boards around the country to upskill staff on the sustainability skills your business needs

Director of Enterprise, Employees and Skills, SOLAS


ESG and age inclusion: Unveiling the power of age diversity in the workforce 

If you don’t have an age strategy, you don’t have a growth strategy. Hear how the ‘S’ of ESG can unlock business value by addressing our aging population. Hear how leading companies are focussing on the 50+ demographic as an integral component of their ESG and growth strategies and the business case outcomes they are receiving.

Founder and CEO, 55/Redefined, UK

Q&A with speakers



How to be a change maker: Steps to achieve BCorp status

Chaired by Sarah Blake, Earthology

  • Who should consider becoming a BCorp
  • The pathways, processes and key insights on how to achieve certification
  • How you can contribute to creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system
Head of Impact, Broadlake
CEO, Grid Finance
Head of Sustainability & Planet Services, THINKHOUSE
Sustainability Consultant, Earthology

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