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Sustainability in Tech: TEDx Talk

Switching to a sustainable pension can lead to major positive impacts

By Ciaran Hughes QFA

For many tech companies, achieving sustainability can be a complicated journey. Without significant sustainability opportunities in manufacturing, transport, or energy – it can be difficult to identify areas for improvement and to report significant impacts in those areas. Efficiency is key, and we want to have the greatest positive impact for our efforts. 

Most leadership teams are unaware of the potential of switching their pension. Over 50% of an organisations carbon footprint can be generated by the investments in the company pension scheme. Switching to a sustainable pension can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and have other positive impacts too. 

Ciarán Hughes, a financial planner at Ethico, recently gave a TEDx Talk on the subject of sustainable pensions.

Full TEDx Talk (12 mins) : 

Why should you consider switching your company pension scheme to sustainable funds?

  • Your current pension fund invests in fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco etc. It is not ideal to have your brand aligned with these negative industries. Most employees do not want their retirement savings invested this way either. 
  • A sustainable pension can supercharge investment in renewable energy, clean tech, and sustainable infrastructure. This helps drive capital towards solving some of the world’s biggest problems while still generating strong returns.
  • The money in a sustainable fund can have a positive impact on global corporate behavior to encourage positive outcomes for all stakeholders
  • There is no downside in switching to sustainable because there is no reduction in investment returns.
  • You can switch in under an hour and there is no charge.

Ethico is inviting Tech companies in Ireland who are interested in learning more to make contact with them: Request a callback 

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