ESG Autumn Summit (1) 1

Laura Costello

Head of Sustainability & Planet Services, THINKHOUSE

Laura has over 10 years experience in the communications industry and joined THINKHOUSE, The Youth Marketing Company, in 2015. Laura’s speciality is in leading transformative communications campaigns that connect, convince and create change. To accelerate a sustainable future, Laura advises individuals and brands on how to embrace and communicate purposeful action that inspires positive cultural shifts for business, people & planet. She works with the likes of the Irish Environmental Network, Musgrave, Fair Seas, GOAL, IMMA, Tony’s Chocolonely, Heineken, Creative Ireland, Ben & Jerry’s, innocent drinks and Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard. As the Ireland lead for Purpose Disruptors, Laura is growing a community of creative professionals working to reshape the advertising and marketing industry to tackle climate change. Laura received a distinction in Business Sustainability Management from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. In 2022 she was named by Forbes as one of 43 People Changing Advertising For The Climate.

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