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Lyndsey Simpson

Founder and CEO, 55/Redefined, UK

Recognising a gap in the market for a brand that answers the call of the ‘bet-your-ass-I-can’ over-50s, Lyndsey set up 55/Redefined to fly the flag for those who may be getting older but have no intention of slowing down! Her consumer lifestyle site Life/Redefined now has an audience of over 125,000 over 50s globally. Commercially, Work/Redefined & Jobs/Redefined enable businesses to attract, grow and engage over 50s talent and consumers and is solving age strategy globally for the world’s largest corporations.

A serial entrepreneur, Lyndsey has been recognised in the ‘UK’s Top 35 Businesswomen’ by Management Today and The Sunday Times and is one of the ‘UK’s 50 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs’. She Is a regular global speaker and commentator in the media.

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