ESG Autumn Summit (1) 1

Maria Diffley

Co-Founder and Director, SustainIQ

Having worked in the sustainability space for well over a decade, both Maria and her business partner Liam recognised the need for a solution which helped companies navigate the complexities involved in measuring, monitoring and reporting on their sustainability and ESG investments.

In response, they created SustainIQ – agile, integrated, real-time reporting software which calculates a company’s impact on the environment, local communities, and their people, through their products and supply chain.

Prior to the establishment of SustainIQ, Maria worked with Business in the Community, providing support and advice on CR to the private, public, and voluntary sectors. She also holds an MSc in Sustainability and CSR and has advocated for long-term partnerships between business and community development organisations since her teens. She has helped with the capacity-building of many charitable and social enterprise organisations both locally in Northern Ireland and in the developing world.

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