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Sustainability in Tech: TEDx Talk

Switching to a sustainable pension can lead to major positive impacts By Ciaran Hughes QFA For many tech companies, achieving sustainability can be a complicated journey. Without significant sustainability opportunities in manufacturing, transport, or energy – it can be difficult to identify areas for improvement and to report significant impacts in those areas. Efficiency is […]

6 Steps to Getting Started with ESG

By Conal Love – SustainIQ Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) has moved from being a somewhat niche concept to top of the boardroom agenda in a short space of time. The impetus for action on ESG is coming from investors and the financial community for many companies but understanding where and how to start can […]

Nature Restoration Law one step closer to becoming reality – but with loopholes

Intense trilogue negotiations concluded tonight Late Thursday night, the intense negotiations between the EU Parliament, Commission, and Council concluded on the eagerly awaited Nature Restoration Law, resulting in a political agreement between the three institutions.    While we are pleased to see that all ecosystems originally covered by the law are still included in the agreement, the articles […]

Why the Real Estate Sector Needs to Act Now for A Sustainable Future

Authors: Conor Gunn, EY Ireland Government and Infrastructure Partner and Nabeel Raza, EY Ireland Government and Infrastructure Advisory Associate Director Upcoming legislative changes around sustainability and evolving market trends are expected to have a major impact on the real estate sector. In brief Currently, the construction and real estate sectors contribute around 39% of all […]

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